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Practical organizing services to fit your life.  

Rates and Packages

Base Package

4-hours of in-home organizing.


2 Day Package

12-hours of in-home organizing. 


5% discount

4 Day Package

24-hours of in-home organizing. 


10% discount

6 Day Package

36-hours of in-home organizing. 


15% discount

More about my services 

Home Organizing

Practical.  Functional.  Beautifully usable. 

Our homes are filled with all sorts of things – things we need, things we use, things we treasure, and probably a few things we don't need anymore.  How we store our things is most important.  It prevents repeat purchases, cramped spaces, overall chaos and frustration. 


The thought of getting organized can be paralyzing… Where should you start?  This is where I come in!  We can start with small areas or work on larger projects.  I work with my clients side by side or independently with minor input, working with your style of organization – what works best for you.  The end result will change the way you live. 

Christmas Dinner Table
Events and Holidays

More enjoyment from your parties and holidays.

Having guests in your home for dinner or a celebration can be such a joy (and also a little stressful).  You want to be a wonderful host without losing your mind on all the details leading up to the event. The day of is especially busy.  Get more enjoyment out of your time as host by allowing me to work behind the scenes planning, setting up, helping with fun ideas, and decorating.  I can also help during the event supporting you or overseeing your staff – which will keep you out of the kitchen and enjoying your guests.  


Decorating for the holidays can be fun!  Spend more of your time enjoying the decorating process while I help by unpacking your decorations for you.  I can also come back after the holidays and pack it back up for you. 

"Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life."

Christina Scalise

Let's get organized. 

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